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Blue Nile Returns: I Returned an Item and This is What Happened

Here is a timeline of what happened when I bought two items from Blue Nile and returned one. I wanted to test out Blue Nile returns in this process too.

The items that I bought included the wedding band in platinum. This is by far the most popular wedding ring on Blue Nile.

The second item that I bought was a vintage style petite pave diamond ring.

This is the exact timeline of the order and return as it occurred, including the eventual refund to my credit card.

Thursday January 9, 2020: Order placed: I placed an order for the two items in the late evening of Thursday January 9th.

By the way, I have signed up for a Blue Nile account, which I highly recommend because they regularly send you specials on items that you have been browsing. I was able to take advantage of an offer because of this.

The order process was quite easy. Although, because I am in Germany, I did get an email from Blue Nile saying that they are experiencing difficulties authorizing the credit card.

Here is the exact text: "Thank you for your recent order.

We are experiencing difficulties authorizing your credit card for your Blue Nile order. Sometimes this is simply due to your credit card company taking precautionary steps when an online purchase is attempted. Please contact your issuing bank or credit card company in an effort to have your purchase approved, and then contact us either by phone or e-mail when this has been completed.

We would also be happy to use a different payment method if you would prefer. If you do wish to use a different credit card, please call us at +353 1 899 1351 to give us the new payment information rather than sending it via email as we cannot accept payment information via email.

We will continue to hold your order for two business days while we wait to hear from you. Thank you for shopping at Blue Nile."

The next day, my credit card company, who is really good, called me to verify an order from Blue Nile in Seattle. Even though I ordered from the UK, I was charged from Seattle. Nevertheless, it was fine and I verified the purchase.

If your credit card company does not call you by the day after the purchase, I would call them.

The Blue Nile website order page said that the order usually dispatches in 1 working day.

I also received an email confirming the order immediately after purchase.

Saturday January 10 - Order Dispatched:

As Blue Nile promised, I received an email 1 day later, advising that the order had been dispatched. I also received a UPS tracking link via email.

Tuesday January 14 - Order Delivered:

Four days later, I was coming home from lunch with a friend and found the UPS delivery man writing a note that he attempted to deliver the parcel. Wow, what timing?! Instead, I signed fort he parcel and he handed the parcel over to me.

It felt like Christmas!

Here are pictures of the rings: Platinum wedding band:

Petite pave diamond ring:

Monday Jan 27, 2020 - Returning a Ring: Remember Blue Nile’s return policy is '30 days from the shipment from their facility'. It is NOT 30 days from the day that you received it! On Monday January 27, I messaged Blue Nile live chat to start the return process. The consultant on live chat was very friendly and courteous. She used a very positive tone, for example, "Sure, I can help with that".

She asked me to confirm whether it was a 2 item order. I agreed. She did ask me, "May I ask why the order didn’t work out?". I just said that my circumstances have changed and I need to return an item. She said, "Ok, I completely understand". At no point did she make me feel like I should not be returning the item.

She told me that I would receive return instructions within 1 hour after the live chat but this did not happen. I figured I would sleep on it and if I still hadn’t received it, I would contact Blue Nile again.

I made sure that I took screen shots of the live chat. Here they are. You can also, at the end of the chat, prompt Blue Nile to email you the transcript for the email. Here is the relevant messages of the live chat with Blue Nile:

At this point, you can also subscribe to Blue Nile informing you about specials. I would definitely recommend this as their specials are really advantageous!

If you are in the US, for orders 2000 USD and under, you can start the return process yourself using this page:

If you are not in the US or the item is over 2000 USD, you will need to live chat with Blue Nile or ring them.

Please note that non-refundable items include:

- Engraved jewelery can only be exchanged within 30 days. The engraving fee is non-refundable.

- Diamonds purchased as part of the Blue Nile Upgrade Program can only be exchanged within 30 days.

- Special orders are not eligible for a return or an exchange. I contacted Blue Nile to find out what a return and this is what they told me:

'If an item is not returnable, we will send you an email where you agree on this. As long as we do not ask you for this and you can place the order on the website, then it’s not a special or order.'

- All shipping fees are non-refundable

- Returns without a Blue Nile Merchandise Authorization number that will be emailed to you after you live chat or call Blue Nile will be refused upon receipt. Returns with missing paperwork or products will not be processed.

Monday January 27, 2020: Blue Nile Returns Instructions

While I was asleep, I received an email titled 'Your Blue Nile Return Instructions' at 4:23am.

It provided me with an RMA number and instructions on how to return the order. The only confusing part was 'on which box do I write the RMA number'?

The email says that you need to write it on the bottom left corner oft he shipping box. I contacted live chat and they told me to write it on the RMA number on the brown box that the item is shipped in, the one inside the UPS bag. And not to write it on the nice white Blue Nile box.

Here is where I wrote the number:

This is how I repacked the parcel:

In the UPS plastic package that it arrived in (just with a lot of tape).

That same afternoon, I took the item to the post office and ensured that I insured the items to their value.

I am in Germany, so the item was to be returned to Ireland, as are all Blue Nile items bought in Europe.

Friday February 31, 2020: Four days later, I received an email saying: 'Our Quality Assurance department has received your return and is reviewing it. Once complete, you will receive an email with more information. Please allow five to 15 days for this process to complete.'

Sat February 1, 2020: The next day, I received an email saying: 'Your returned item(s) have been received. Credit will be submitted to your bank within three business days. It may take your bank up to 10 business days to post the funds to your account. Bank wire refunds of USD $1000 or greater typically take seven to 10 business days after the return has been processed. Orders paid for through PayPal will be credited back to your PayPal account within two weeks.'

Tuesday February 11, 2020:

Exactly 10 days later, the refund arrived into my credit card account.

In Conclusion:

The return process was really easy. Blue Nile was very courteous and timely in issuing the refund. The refund from the bank arrived in the timing that Blue Nile suggested.

Would I purchase from Blue Nile again? Yes, absolutely.

Hope you found this article helpful.

Which item are you or your partner dreaming over on Blue Nile?



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