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Blue Nile Jewelry Review – We Bought 3 Items and This is What Happened

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

We bought three rings to do a Blue Nile Jewelry Review and this is what happened. Item 1: Morganite Diamond Halo Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Revealing the Ring:

When you open the first of the Blue Nile boxes, you will find a protective cover. The box is very well made and is sturdy. It is what you would expect an expensive item to be shipped in.

You will likely be so excited that you will just go straight to the jewelry boxes and not notice this part much. But it is good to know that it does not feel cheap at all.

Within this white box is the ring box. The ring box is also nicely made. It is sturdy and does not feel cheap. You could easily propose with this box.

Nestled underneath the box, there is a jewelry pouch. This is good so that you can easily hide the ring from your fiance-to-be. If she is anything like many women with their sixth sense, she knows exactly what is going on, and is very hard to surprise.

First Thoughts:

Without further ado, the box is popped open and the ring is revealed.

Wow, really, wow!

First of all, the ring is definitely exceeding my expectations. It is very shiny and beautiful. If you were opening this up as an engagement ring during a proposal, you would definitely be moved.

The Center Stone:

The center stone is cut very nicely, it sparkles without being over the top. The center stone is large. The color of it is as pictured below. Your fiance-to-be’s best friends and work mates will definitely be clamoring to see this ring closer up.

We measured the center stone to see if it is 8 x 8mm as listed on the website. It is exactly that measurement.

The Halo: The halo is well made and the diamonds are petite to eleganty accentuate the center stone.

The Rose Gold:

Our favorite metal is definitely rose gold because of its vintage qualities. The rose gold of this ring adds to the vintage influence. A beautiful finish!

My Ring Size: UK size L, which is the same as a US size 6. It fits great.

Here is a video review of the morganite ring:

How much does this ring cost?


Would we buy this as an engagement ring? Yes. Can we imagine ourselves wearing this ring for eternity? Yes.

Would we recommend it to a friend? Yes.

Item 2: Classic Platinum Wedding Ring

First Thoughts:

Okay, this ring is a classic and you can’t really go wrong. And Blue Nile does not let down when you see this ring in person.

The ring is of high polish. What you would expect from platinum.

The Detail:

The ring feels well made and sturdy when you pick it up. This one is the 2mm version, which we think is the perfect width, especially if you will be wearing it with your engagement ring.

If you do prefer a thicker wedding ring, Blue Nile makes this ring in all widths. You will be able to choose your preferrred with in the listing.

How much does this ring cost? USD$300.

The ordered ring is a UK size L, which is the same as a US size 6. It fits great.

This is what it looks like on a hand:

Would we buy this as a wedding ring? Yes, absolutely! Can we imagine ourselves wearing this ring for eternity? Yes, definitely!

Would we recommend it to a friend? Yes, for sure!

Item 3: Riviera Pave Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

This ring was definitely one of our favorite wedding rings that are vintage influenced. The milgrain edge and the shape of the band itself provides the ring with an embellished look without it being over the top in any way. And here it is:

First Thoughts:

This ring is very elegant. The vintage influence definitely comes across. The ring is a half eternity, which means that the diamonds go half way around the ring. The bottom half of the ring is like a wedding band. This means that if you ever need to resize the ring, this can be done easily. This is not the case with a full eternity ring.

If you imagine yourself as a wife that would not always wear your engagement ring, this embellished wedding ring would be perfect so that there is still some sparkle in your every day ring.

The Detail:

14k white gold is very white which makes it look more precious than platinum. Platinum tends to look a little more industrial. What gives 14k white gold its whiteness is its rhodium coating. This is normal for white gold. White gold needs to be recoated, on average, every 12 months.

The wedding ring is 2mm in width which is the perfect width without it being bulky.

The ring is very beautiful, but if we were to be completely honest, we would say that we would like the diamonds to be a little sparklier. But it looks like only larger diamonds would be able to achieve this, but as you know, we are not keen in bulky rings.

But Blue Nile has a 30 day money back guarantee, you can without any worry, order the ring and see if you like it.

The ordered ring is a UK size L, which is the same as a US size 6. It fits great. This is what the ring looks like on a hand:

How much does this ring cost? USD$690.

Would we buy this as a wedding ring? Yes. Can we imagine ourselves wearing it for eternity? Yes, but we do wish the diamonds were a little sparklier. But not sure if this is possible without larger diamonds that would make the ring bulkier.

Would we recommend it to a friend? Yes.

Here is a video review of the two wedding bands:

Hope you found this review helpful. Team Hues of Vintage xx


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