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Best Ever Wedding Budget Worksheet in 2020

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

So you are planning a wedding in 2020 or 2021? Yes, we completely get it, planning a wedding during a pandemic, well, not as predictable as we normally like. But it gives you time to make sure that you get the detail right and that starts with getting the budget right. Here is the best ever wedding budget worksheet in 2020. How do we know it is great? Because we have used it for every single Hues of Vintage team wedding, and we have also inspired tens of thousands of brides with it.


By nuptials, we mean everything that will make your wedding official. Find out what you need to do in your state. Some states require you to register an intent to marry and this may be required several months before you get married. Some states require you to be married by an official state officiant. Does this signing of the papers so to say cost anything? Normally, yes.

Do you need any paperwork, for example birth certificates? If you are not getting married where you were born, this could be a required. Do you need this translated? If so, find out the process and how much this will cost.

You may decide to have an official ceremony with just you and your husband-to-be and a couple of witnesses and then have a non-official ceremony with friends and family. Or you might decide to have the official ceremony as part of your wedding day. Whichever you decide works for you and husband-to-be, find out the cost of the officiant or the MC.

Gather all the costs and include them in the wedding budget worksheet.


In terms of venue, you will need to consider two venues for your wedding budget worksheet. The first will be the venue for your ceremony. Include here if you will need to pay for power. The second will be the venue for your reception. By reception, we are being quite general, so where the meal and entertainment will take place.


Stationery refers to all the paper goods for your wedding. So this includes save the dates, invitations, RSVPs and thank you cards. This may also include place cards, wedding table numbers and menus. There are lots of options these days to find a wedding invitation vendor that designs all of these items. There are also wedding invitation templates on that are downloadable and editable. You can then adapt the wedding invitation template to all of these components.


Catering is an important part of a wedding as it is something that guests will remember. Catering includes food, drinks and the cake/s. Especially if you are going to a non-traditional venue, you will need to add in your wedding budget worksheet the cost for crockery, cutlery and glassware and also serviettes or napkins.


Documentation of a wedding includes the photographer and the videographer, if you are using one. Add these to the wedding budget worksheet.


Florals is an area that will pull together your wedding theme. You will need to budget for bouquet/s for you and your bridesmaids, lapel/s for your husband-to-be and the groomsmen and possibly family if your family are wearing them. If you are having florals as part of the decor or on the cake, you should factor those costs in the wedding budget worksheet too. You may also want a basket for your flower girl/s and petals.


Before budgeting for decor, see what already comes with your wedding venues. Do they have tables and chairs? Are they nice enough so that you do not need to cover them or hire? What is in the natural surroundings for your ceremony venue that you could use as a wedding arbor? Is there a beautiful tree or barn doors? These are often much more beautiful than having a wedding arbor, and they do not cost at all, unless you want to add some florals to the side of a barn door, for example.

For the wedding ceremony, you will need chairs that will be for the guests on either side of the aisle.

Do you also plan on having a guest book?

For the reception component of your wedding, you will need to consider wedding favors, table decorations, reception tables and chairs, tablecloths and napkins, food/dessert and drink stations and a seating plan. If you are utilizing venues that are more DIY, you will need to consider who will remove the garbage and the cost of this. We recommend having a furniture supplier that will provide as much of the decor as possible, who also removes the garbage.

Factor in the costs of items that you plan to have into your wedding budget worksheet.


Transport refers to how you, and possibly your bridal party, will move around on your wedding day. Ideally, the wedding ceremony venue and the wedding reception venue is on the same grounds so that there is no travel necessary between these, however, you will need to travel from home or your hotel to the ceremony and reception, then home after the ceremony.

Consider if you will hire a vehicle. If so, you will also need a driver. Or will you use a service like Uber Black.

You may also need accommodation for some guests and consider if you will need accommodation for you and your husband-to-be either the night before or the night of the wedding.

Include any costs to you in the wedding budget worksheet. Organization:

Although a wedding day coordinator is optional, if you are having a wedding that includes lots of DIY components, having one is highly recommended. You will sit down with him or her several times before the wedding, and they will be briefed on everything! They will basically act as a contact for all the vendors on the wedding day. He or she will do what you will normally need to do on the wedding day if you did not have a wedding day coordinator. This will allow you to just enjoy your wedding day without having to stress about all the detail.

Add the cost of your wedding day coordinator to your wedding budget worksheet.


An exciting part of your wedding planning is wedding ring shopping with your husband-to-be. There are lots of wedding band makers these days where you can view their work online and shop from the comfort of your own home. You can also buy a ring sizer from amazon so you can find the ideal ring size for you, also from the comfort of your own home.

Make sure that the rings come with a nice box that the ring bearer can utilize. Otherwise, find a double ring box online.

Include the cost of your rings in the wedding budget worksheet. Top 10+ Vintage Inspired Etsy Wedding Rings in 2020

The Look:

This component includes your and your husband-to-be’s wedding day look.

For you, it will include the make up artist, hair stylist, the dress, the getting ready robe if you choose to have one. It will also include underwear and shoes.

For the groom, it will include the grooms attire (including possibly his suit, shirt, tie or bow tie depending on what he chooses as his outfit), underwear, socks and shoes. Top 10 Boho Simple Wedding Dresses Under $500 in 2020

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Your entourage includes the maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, flower girl/s and the ring bearer.

The maid of honor and bridesmaids will need a dress and shoes. They will also need make up and hair styling. Who pays for these components depends on your culture. Find out by asking around, with friends and family, to see what they did for their weddings. Then add any costs that you will be covering the wedding budget worksheet.

You may also decide to get your bridesmaids a thank you gift along with your groomsmen a thank you gift.

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Entertainment includes a band or a DJ or just a play list. It also includes your ceremony music.

Include these in the wedding budget worksheet.

Download the Best Ever FREE Wedding Budget Worksheet:

Available is also a wedding planner checklist that corresponds with this wedding budget worksheet.

Here's to your wedding that you have budgeted for like the bad-ass bride-to-be that you are!


Hues of Vintage xx


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