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The Simplest, Prettiest, Budget Friendly Wedding Table Decorations

Study the below image closely and although it looks totally lux, it's something that's pretty easy to achieve yourself.

The secret is a truck load of upcycled jars in many different shapes and sizes. If your wedding is a few months away, perfect! Get everyone you know to start saving their glass jars from the kitchen. When you are next at Ikea, grab a trolley full of candles. Just know that many of the openings of the jars are quite narrow and the candles at Ikea are quite wide. Ensure they are all white to add to the elegance of the occasion. Just in this shot there are 20 candles on this side of the centerpiece, so if you have one centerpiece between 4-6 people, that's a lot of candles.

Divine Day Photography

Remember to have people on hand around 2 hours prior to the event to start lighting the candles. It takes ages to light this many candles and you would hate to run out of time.

Don't you just adore the simple elegance of the centerpieces too? Pots of herbs! These can double as wedding favors.

Got an idea? Get out of your comfort zone, run with it and make it happen!

Find out how to make this table runner with Ikea fabric in the post below. Easy, peasy, don't worry if you don't knew how to sew. We made the one below.

In the meantime, follow our instagram Stories, where our intern is putting together part of the new range!



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