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How to Make DIY Amazingly Beautiful $10 Wedding Invitations and Thank You Cards

In this digital day and age, surely it is possible to have wedding invitations and thank you cards made that don’t cost your right arm! Yes, we are from that school of thought too. We are here to prove that it is possible for $10.

For a friend’s wedding we took on this task with a whopping budget of $10! So where did we turn to? The trusty Etsy handmade site. We were very pleased to see that Etsy didn’t disappoint with the sheer number of beautiful, rustic like, hand-painted-esque designs on offer. It didn’t take us long to decide on this downloadable invitation. And we came under budget here at $8! The Etsy shop who created it is called “diyweddingsprintable” and the design is called “Tutti”.

You’ll be able to download the template immediately after purchase, which also includes instructions from the seller about how to use the template. It comes in Microsoft Word format and if you don’t have the fonts already installed on your computer... we didn’t... you will need to download them and install them first. If we can do it, you can DEFINITELY do it. Don’t let this step turn you off because the result is beautiful invites for $10! Great news is this template can also be used for thank you cards. You just need to change the template around a little and voila!

Here is how the thank you cards turned out:

The font says 'Thank you for a wonderful wedding day'. Then the bride and grooms' names underneath. The quality and the cost of the paper is up to you but we spent 12€ on paper and 12€ on envelopes for thank you cards. The invitations we emailed so didn’t spend a dime. With the thank you cards, the bride and groom also sent printed photos, of guests, from the wedding which were well appreciated. Looking back, the bride and groom are glad that they invested the time and effort into the thank you cards, while having sent the invitations electronically.

It was so nice to give guests photos they would appreciate and stick on their fridges instead of an invitation that would probably end up in the trash. And with smart phones these days, everyone has access to the invitation on-the-go. And you know how hectic the wedding day can be, not just for the bride and groom, but for the guests too, especially if they are traveling from afar or have a young family.

Here is a link to the beautiful DIY wedding invitation template that we used.


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