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Not Wearing Underwear on Your Wedding Day?

To underwear or not to underwear? The thoughts toying through your head right now are likely to be: - But I feel weird going commando (aka underwearless)! - I should definitely wear a thong, but I feel uncomfortable with a piece of fabric wedged up my behind. - What if someone sees my underpaRts?! - And those dredded brown marks (we hear you!), when it comes to taking those bad boys off on your wedding night! We have definitely felt these emotions before, all normal!

Here's a bride on her wedding day that wore a thong but then realized early on in the day that you could see it ever so slightly, granted that her thong was a little lacey. By the way, her dress is lined with two layers of silk but you could still see hints of it. She was also super uncomfortable with the thong up butt situation.

So yep, she took her underwear (thong) off! In the bathroom of course. And guess what, no one noticed! If you have a long wedding dress, then the coast is clear, thumbs up to underwearless!


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