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How to Make Your Own DIY Beautiful Wedding Table Centerpieces for 4€

For a friend's wedding at a castle, (yep a castle!), we created beautiful centerpieces at 4€ a pop!

Initially we had bought large glass jars from Ikea so that we could plant flowers in them. After we got the below flowers home though (two days before the wedding), the jars were too small. So our creative minds got to thinking. Having Aina fabric from Ikea, in the cupboard, in the form of curtains we had made but not using anymore, we had a light bulb moment! Cut these into squares and wrap them around the pots, disquising the plastic pots into rustic loveliness!

4€ wedding centerpieces

Below are the flowers that we ended up using, because we love the color coral, and secondly for the price (wink!)

The begonia flowers we purchased for 2.99€ per plant

Let's break it down into steps:

1. Buy the pots of flowers two days before the wedding. Choose a flower that has some height to give the overall wedding table/tables height. The height looks beautiful in photos. We chose begonia flowers but they ended up wilting a little, so if we could choose again, we'd go with roses or lavender that tend to last a little longer. The begonias ended up being fine though as we watered the plants just before the wedding. We had 13 plants for 54 guests which ended up looking ah-mazing and was the perfect amount. We also alternated coral and white colored plants so that it wasn't an overdose of coral. 2. Cut a plastic bag to fit over the bottom of each of the pots so that the water doesn't run everywhere when you water the plants. Freezer bags will work perfect for this as they are sturdy enough so that the sides of the bag don't collapse. This is something that we didn't do but wish we had. Give the plants some water after you have put the freezer bags over the bottom of the pots. 3. Cut squares of fabric (we used linen, called Aina, from Ikea) to fit around the pot. Try one pot first so that you don't end up cutting all your squares too small. We left all the edges raw and did not stitch them or anything. The organic look is perfectly in at the moment anyway. Now, cut twine to tie the fabric around the pots with. Again, try one pot first so that all your cut twine is of perfect length.

Instead of linen, you could use hessian which is super budget friendly and available from the hardware store. You could also use brown paper. 4. Two days before the wedding, deliver the plants to whoever is helping you decorate the tables. Let them know to please water them, a little, a few hours before the wedding.

5. Pat yourself on the back while guests are busy snapping away at the beautiful tables that you have created. You'll be gazing at the beautiful images of your tables for years to come, grinning from ear to ear.

Now that you have your centerpieces sorted, now onto your wedding dress:


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