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How to DIY a Super Long Table Runner for a Communal Wedding Dining Table – Easy and Affordable to Ma

Communal dining tables are taking over as the “go to” for wedding table set ups. Gone are the days of 10 people around a round table, why not unite all of your guests. And we can see why couples are opting for this. The table runner elongates the table even more as it goes on and on and on and then cascades down the ends of the table. What elegance?! All you need to know is know how to sew semi-straight.

Communal wedding dining

We loved the idea so much, for a friend's wedding, that we decided to make our own budget one, that doesn’t look budget... of course! We used linen fabric from Ikea that allowed us to achieve an organic, rustic look.

The table runner that we DIY-ed with minimal sewing skills. Let’s break it down into steps.

1. Find out how many tables you need and how long each of the tables are. You need to allow length for the fabric to cascade down to the ground on both ends of the communal table. Also allow a 2cm seam allowance on either end. 2. Decide upon the width of table runner that you would like. Ours is 28cm wide. Allow 2cm either side for seam allowance.

3. Work out how many widths of the table runner is possible within the width of the fabric. We used the “Aina” fabric from Ikea at 7€ a metre (it is 150cm in width). Then work out how much fabric you will need. Remember that every time there is a join in the table runner, you will need to allow 1cm to both sides. 4. Sew the joins in the fabric first. Layer the fabric, face-side to face-side. Now stitch. Repeat for all joins so that you achieve the length that you require for your beautiful communal table.

5. Iron all your joins so that they are flat and flush when the table runner is on the table. In other words, fold over and iron!

6. Now create your folded seams around the sides of table runner. Fold over 1cm and iron, then, fold over 1cm again and iron. Repeat for all sides. Now stitch.

7. Ensure that your caterer or whoever is setting up your tables knows that it needs to be on the table. Give it to them as early as possible so that they are prepared and they can use it to decorate the table on your big day. 8. Sit back and enjoy your wedding day meal whilst everyone tells you how great the tables look! Would you agree that the table runner creates a line for the eye that is elongated and finishes a communal table perfectly? Give it a try, your fear for sewing will dissappear pretty much straight away as you realise it is much easier than you thought. Let us know how you go! Now that you've got your table runner sorted, here's some boho wedding dress inspiration:


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