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How To Make Your Own DIY Hand Tied Wedding Bouquet for 3€

Making your own wedding bouquet. It's an idea that you've been pondering about for quite some time. For the sake of this blog post we made this bouquet to prove that it is possible and we did if for 3€!

3€ wedding bouquet

First things first, make your wedding bouquet first thing in the morning the day before your wedding. That way you can rest assured that it is done. So let's get to it:

1. Purchase the non-fresh items that you need to make your bouquet weeks prior on Amazon e.g. floral tape and ribbon. We've also seen some florists use duct tape instead of floral tape, so long as you cover it with ribbon. 2. Collect the greenery from wherever it is available. We got on our bicycle with some scissors and a bag and cycled around the city collecting greenery. We are fortunate to live in a very green city. If your city isn't so green, just check out what the florist has a couple of days prior and then purchase them on the day you are making your bouquet. Never order the greenery because they will just charge you an arm and a leg for it. 3. Purchase the flowers that you wish to used in your bouquet. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, keep an eye out for what is in season and which florists that you could visit that have an affordable range. Within a 2km radius, we find that the for the same flowers, the prices vary considerably between florists. So keep your eyes and ears open so that on the day of making your bouquet, you know exactly where to purchase the flowers from. We bought the flowers that you see in the bouquet for 3€. We made three bouquets with these flowers. One that you see in the picture, for the bride, and two smaller ones for the bridesmaids.

4. We watched this video before putting the bouquet together:

The fear of a DIY bouquet started disappearing as soon as we started making the bouquet as we figured out that it is not as hard as we had thought.

If you are doubtful prior, do a practice run weeks before the wedding, then you'll know exactly what to do when you go to make your actual wedding bouquet.

5. Enjoy pictures of you and your wedding bouquet, that you made exactly how you wanted it, for years to come.

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