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5 Reasons You Should Wear a Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

There was a time when long sleeve wedding dresses were definitely the go to and then came the time of strapless princess neckline wedding dresses. Now we are seeing the rear end of the strapless princess neckline and we say a loud good riddance. We are now seeing all over social media that the long sleeve wedding dress is making a come back. Let's find out why!

1. Full Length Sleeves Means More Surface Area for More Lace Because what girl doesn’t love more lace?

2. Amp Up the Sex Appeal with Cold Shoulders Expose one or two shoulders while keeping your sleeves long.

3. Romanticise Your Look Your and your future husband’s first look moment is one moment that you’ll never forget. Make it an even more romantic one with romantic sleeves.

4. So You Don’t Freeze Your Butt Off As more couples opt for a wedding that is quintessentially them, winter weddings are becoming more and more popular, where long sleeves will keep you just that tad warmer.

5. Hide Those Flappy Bits Not been able to get to your tricep dips as much as you’d have liked? These lacey sleeves hear you.

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