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Stop Worrying About Wedding Day Rain

Rain on the wedding day is probably a bride's biggest nightmare and understandably so. But what to do about it? Mother nature is a beautiful thing isn't it? It's also something that we cannot control.

So, have a plan B in place in place in the case of rain. We've seen umbrellas for the ceremony. Clear ones are a good idea as they would blend into the surrounds better. For the ceremony or the reception, have your venue or decor supplier be ready to set up a marquee just in case. Although, avoid booking it and leaving a deposit just yet to save you a few hundred bucks, just in case the weather turns out to be fine. Check a week before the ceremony for the weather and wind forecast. In the case that it's not great, book in the marquee.

How cute is this couple underneath a clear umbrella? And, did you notice the umbrella is broken? Tiny details like these don't matter on the big day. Just roll with it.

Photographers actually prefer overcast conditions over full sun conditions. Full sun will hit the skin and make it look almost oily. It will also cast unflattering shadows. The clouds on an overcast day, on the other hand, acts as a natural filter, producing soft lighting. This is much more flattering. Both pictures in this post were taken in overcast conditions.

Because you have, now, covered all your bases, you can let mother nature run it's course and you'll feel better about it.

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