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Should I Have a Destination Wedding?

This image amongst olive trees is very tempting isn't it? The thought crosses every bride's mind at some stage. Wouldn't it just be easier if we did it somewhere else and paid someone to organise it? It's definitely a romantic thought but think it through carefully before taking the plunge. Firstly, friends and family will need to fork out the hundreds or thousands of dollars for the flights, depending how far you are travelling. This could cause tension between you and family members that do want to join but can't afford the dent in their wallet. Then accommodation? Will everyone be responsible for their own accommodation or will you cover it?

Having been to a destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy before. Yes, it was beautiful but having all 15 guests living under the same roof of a villa, many of which had to share rooms (four people in a room), not knowing each other prior to the trip, was literally like big brother! The venue had promised that every one would have their own bed, which is true, but the downstairs bedrooms and upstairs bedrooms were split level so they were only separated by a stairwell and no door! That meant the snoring for the five nights, that we were to stay there, was unbearable! By the end of the week, before the wedding, the groomsmen had stormed out and didn't come back for the wedding!

Photography by @julien_navarre. Dress by @elisehameau.

So should you do it? Staying all under the one roof is only recommended if you are only staying for two nights; the night before your wedding and then the night of your wedding. Organise a casual welcome drinks for the first night and your wedding will act like the farewell dinner, to bring everyone together. But other than that, it's also a holiday for all your guests so let them have some leisure time and breathing space. Having a short destination wedding and not a week long one will mean that guests don't have the time to get antsy with one another and will have fun, the way it was intended.

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