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Wedding Venue is Not Being Friendly by Not Confirming Our Reservation I Upset Bride

Two weeks later and we are still waiting for the venue to confirm the booking. I've rang them twice now and although they have told me over the phone that they are holding the date, there is something about seeing it in writing or at least being able to pay a deposit to believe it. I asked if I could pay a deposit and he said no, we need to send you some documents before you do that. Frustration!!

They told me that they are swamped with booking requests and that we have to wait until Friday. That was yesterday. We are still hearing crickets. Absolute nada!

As we are still clinging to hope that the venue will confirm soon, the organisation of catering and drinks is on hold until we do get confirmation as the first thing that they will ask is 'what is your date'? Decor though we can continue to organise.

Two weeks ago, I was meandering in a home decor store and came across some mason jar mugs for 2€ each. As I was disheartened about the venue not playing fair I didn't get around to ordering them online. I had put all 70 of them in my online shopping cart but just never hit the 'buy' button. One week later, I was ready to buy and I went online to purchase them. I hit 'buy' and to my horror there was only 3 left. I think the neighbours must of heard me hollering 'nooooooo'.

I knew that they have several physical stores near us, so I got on my bike right away and went in to check if they had enough stock. The first store I went to had 23 but told me that another store close by had 120. Phew. I went there and told the cashier that I would like '70' in German. She was like you mean '17' in German. I said, '70!', although shocked, she agreed. But how would I get 70 home with my bike? I went back to fetch the future hubby. We decided not to take the car as parking in the city centre would have been a big hassle, so we walked. The store being a 20 minute walk away, we managed to lug 70 mason jars home in Ikea bags.

I packed them in a box and they will be stored in the basement until we need them. In the meantime, I purchased some chalk labels and a chalk pen on Amazon, hope they arrive soon. Budget update:


Mason jar mugs 70 units x 2€ = 140€ Chalk stickers and pen 12€

Before today: Antique books for centerpieces 0€ Before today: Save The Date cards 9€

Initial venue enquiry 1140€

Total so far: 1301€

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