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We Need to Change our Wedding Date I Frustrated Bride

After discussions with the future hubby, as he wants to show a movie that he shot of us in Australia, we need to use a projector in the venue. That's only going to happen if the room is dark. For a lunch function, as the venue has no blinds, this is never going to happen. So we are changing from a lunch function to an evening function. So I started putting my feelers out there, to ask friends if they are available, before letting the venue know and finally booking the venue. It turns out that a few of our closest friends are not available that night aaaarrrggghh (as I pull my hair out). Now we need to change the date. And this is exactly how I feel (below).

I woke up in a bit of a cold sweat and sent a quick message to all the immediate family to see if they can do a week later. I also messaged the best, best friends and asked them if they could get back to me that morning. I'm sure some of them thought I was being a bridezilla (bahahaha) but I really needed to let the venue know.

Until the venue confirm our reservation and the new date, we can't send our save-the-dates out. Oh yeah, so that means I'll need to change the save-the-dates too. One more thing that needs to be added to my to do list (harrumph). Luckily, we are sending the save the dates out via email and I can easily edit the date in the template I bought from Etsy. So the castle venue is absolutely beautiful but the staff take FOOOOREVER. There are two people that work there but only one does any booking confirmations and deposits. He was out of the office for a few days and therefore everything is on halt. I sent a request to change the date to a week later and to lock in the booking, after confirming the date was available on the phone. The 'right person for this' was out of the office for 4 days. It's now been 6 days since he returned to the office and still nothing. I hear crickets. I'll give them a call on Monday.

Venue (above)... you are beautiful but your staff are soooo slow

Lessons learnt about choosing a date: - When contacting the venue, let them know a couple of dates that you are considering and tell them you are deciding between a couple of dates. - If they confirm that these dates, or that one of the dates is available, ask your and future hubby's immediate family and besties if they are available on your target date. - Book in the venue - Send out the save-the-dates For us, we really love the venue (the castle!) and cannot imagine having it anywhere else so we contacted the venue first. If the date is your important factor, confirm with immediate family and besties before contacting the venue.


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