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Beautiful $10 DIY Wedding Centerpieces I How to Do it on the Cheap

We are still quite a long way out from the wedding and it's probably a little bit early to be planning the centrepieces and purchasing the bits and pieces that make it up, because that would mean that we need to store them for 5 months. But when you see an opportunity and don't grab it now, whoosh and it's gone.

Whilst we were at the fiance's folk's place clearing out some of their old items, some of which is absolutely stunning that we just had to have for our own place, but some of which absolutely had to go, for example, years and years of antique newspapers. In the background, the folk's were talking about old books in the basement that they were going to throw out. I didn't really think much of them at this point. That is not until I saw this picture on pinterest:

I messaged my future mother in law that instant to ask her to save two books per table and a few extras, just in case. She said absolutely and told me, it's a good thing that we talked because they were literally being picked up to go to the tip the next morning.

These are some of the books that we salvaged! Antique and absolutely beautiful. They will look amazing underneath a mason jar filled with baby's breath, a rose and some foliage. I'll get some Italian jars instead of the ball jars and I'll upcycle some smaller jars for the tea light candles. Pat on the back, me! Hahaha!

It might be the exact point that you were planning to organise an element of your wedding, but who cares when being spontaneous will help you achieve the look of your wedding.

So, a quick update about the date of the wedding and the venue. As a couple of our best friends cannot make it on 22nd of July, we need to change it to the 29th of July. By the way, we are switching from a lunch time affair to a dinner affair as it will be mid summer and it will be hot in a room with floor to ceiling room. I've confirmed the date with the venue on the phone but been waiting since Monday for something in writing confirming our booking. The speed of German administration! I mean, we are ready to make a deposit but apparently they are not ready to take our money. So days to wedding has been extended by a week due to the change in date. That's ok, that means, one more week to plan!

Budget update:

Today: Antique books for centerpieces 0€ Before today: Save The Date cards 9€ Initial venue enquiry 1140€ Sourced mason jar mugs 2€ each (I'll buy 70 so $140€ in total)

Total so far: 1289€

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