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Creating Your Own Beautiful $10 Save The Date Cards to Email

We have finally cut our guest list down to 60 people. Well, 60 adults, and we are hoping the babies and toddlers, all 15 of them, will just blend in. As there are only 60 seats, we are not going to have allocated seating. We are liking this concept as it will get people off their chairs and socialising. Kids will be running about anyway with parents darting after them.

As we wait for venue to confirm the date, we have drafted our Save The Date card. I found a really pretty template from Etsy for a whopping US$10! Hahaha! The seller is called 'diyweddingsprintable'. She has lots of templates that you can pick and choose from that are really affordable and that you can download immediately after purchase.

So what you get is a Microsoft Word file. This etsy seller provides instructions for downloading any fonts that you might not have but that's pretty easy if you follow her instructions that come with the download. I purchased and downloaded the file and changed the wording a little to make it a Save The Date card. Here is what it looks like...

Lovely right? And I figure that we can use the same template for a wedding invitation if we decide to later. So if you decide to print the Save The Dates and send them, choose your paper stock now and go for it. We want to email ours as then people won't feel bad throwing it out in a couple of years when they are spring cleaning. Also, printing and sending save the date cards to 60 people will set us back 120€, that's 120€ that we could be spending on more booze for the wedding. And most people appreciate an email these days as everyone seems to be fighting the world of paper clutter. It's currently a word file, and you cannot send a word file. So what I did was PDF the file. Then I used a website called to turn the pdf to a jpeg. I then used (you could use any picture program, such as Microsoft Paint) to crop the jpeg so that you can see only one invitation and not two side by side.

And this is what the jpeg looks like, so that I can attach it to the email and email it off to our guests. I actually never thought it would be nerve racking to send out a Save The Date, but I feel like it is after months of fussing about the right date, the right venue and who to invite. But after I have done it, I feel like a weight will have been lifted and we can move on to the next step. So let's go!

A wrap up of how much we have spent thus far: Today: Save The Date cards 9€ Before today: Initial venue enquiry 1140€ Sourced mason jar mugs 2€ each (I'll buy 70 so $140€ in total)

Total so far: 1289€

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