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Planning an Affordable Wedding in a Castle and the Future Husband is Killing Me

Ok, so I love him and all, but after putting together a preliminary list of 41 people of his guests, after months of asking him to finalise it, he has added 13 people to the list.... noooooo! Including friends and partners, that takes us to over the castle venue limit of 60 people.

I'm finding it difficult to let go of the venue. I mean look how idyllic it is...

The inside of the venue inside in the grounds of the castle

The place is flooded with natural light for poetic photos

So I've already offered to trim the list by 5 people, in that I won't invite my girlfriends' other halves, so that the future hubby can invite 5 more of his people. We also had a celebration in Australia to celebrate our marriage so I feel at peace with that. I've asked him to trim the list so we can achieve this intimate wedding that we both want. Some people on the list he has only once or twice in the last 5 years, and thy live in the same city. I mean if they were close family and friends, wouldn't you make more of an effort to see them? I reasoned 'do you really want to spend your happily ever after with people you hardly ever see?'. He did say 'hrm'.

In the meantime, the venue has a new guy working there, yay, so they are much faster responding to emails now. He responded that the venue is available for our preferred date. I'm going to get back to him saying that we would like to confirm the booking but wanting to know if we can stretch it to 70 people. As you can see there is something like a bench by the windows, so some guests, especially those with kids are likely to just mill about eating and looking after their kids.

I just came to realise that as a bride, we take on the role as event manager, negotiator, procurement, crisis manager, logistics manager, art director, stylist, game host and the list goes on. But if all the effort results in a beautiful day that we'll cherish forever then I am all in!

Wedding WIP (Work In Progress):

Initial venue enquiry 1140€*

Sourced mason jar mugs 2€ each Finalising the wedding guestlist Wish me luck in the negotiations with the future hubby!


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