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Getting Married in the Grounds of a Castle on a Budget

As the costs keep stacking up to hold a wedding in a restaurant, we are pursuing a DIY wedding. And this time in the grounds of a castle!

Here is the castle, picturesque isn't it?

Here's a countdown to the wedding. So 158 days to go. Or 5 months. It does sound long, but time goes very quickly with venues to lock in, photographers and make up artists to hire, plates, cutlery, cake, food, tables, chairs, wedding decorations, flowers and boutinerres to make or organise etc etc.

What we did find out though is that next to the restaurant that we were originally planning to hold the wedding at has next to it a beautiful function space that is owned by the state. We checked it out online and in person and it really is stunning. But it is an empty room and we need to bring in absolutely everything. When I mean everything, when you are doing an event like this, you need to go down to detail to the nth degree, so things like tongs for the food, scissors in case your helper friends need to cut some string, sunscreen in case there is a lot of sun. They do have enough tables and chairs though for 60 people which could be a help.

So yesterday, I who speaks very little, only conversational German, rang the venue that is run by an old Bavarian man, and asked if the venue is available for our preferred date. He said yes it is but I have to send an email and it cannot be booked over the phone. So last night I sent the venue an email asking if it is available. I'm guessing at the pace business is done in Germany, that it will take him a week or so to respond to me. But let's see. In the meantime, today, I have found some suitable mason jars that will act as glasses/mugs, place cards (as we will put a guest name on each of them) and bombineres (wedding favours) for only 2€ each. Talk about multi-purpose! I went to the store to check them out and they said that they can help me order them online. But I think I will just do so myself when we work out exactly how many people we are inviting.

Here they are from Butlers in Germany:

I'm going to keep a list of what I've done to date so that I know myself... hahaha... and also to perhaps lend some advice to other brides in the same shoes :)

Initial venue enquiry 1140€* Sourced mason jar mugs 2€ each

* The venue cost is made up of. 700€ + 21,17€ per hour for a staff member + 13% to bring our own catering + 19% VAT. Calculated on the basis of 7 hours including set up and pack down. In the meantime, I'm on the hunt for a suitable caterer that can offer festive food. Wish me luck.

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