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I Got Lipstick on The Groom on Our Wedding Day! How to Fix This

Prior to our wedding I had purchased the prettiest shade of deep red, supposed, long-stay lipstick. I had setting powder ready to be used and everything. On the day of the wedding though, rushed to finish my make up, so that I could make it to the hairdresser on time, after applying the lipstick, I forgot to apply the setting powder.

When it came time to kiss on the day, when we were pronounced husband and wife, we had a big smooch. The groom's lips and upper lip were then painted red too. He had no idea until I started frantically wiping the area. Although it did cause our guests to laugh and have a good time, which we definitely liked, but the lipstick... nooooo!

This is the result of the lipstick on the groom even after I wiped it. Yes, that long-stay lipstick definitely was not transfer proof, but once it did transfer to the groom, it really stayed.

I got lipstick on the groom. I was horrified.

After the entire ceremony, I did manage to wipe the lipstick off completely but until then he was stuck with red lips.

The groom's brother that is an avid photographer, photographed the wedding for us. We got the pictures from him, after a couple of days.

At that point, I had to relive the lipstick on the groom. I felt so bad in that these are the memories that we would look back upon for the rest of our lives. I searched high and low for a solution online but couldn't find one.

I had an idea to find someone that is experienced with photoshop on I posted a job on to find someone that could edit remnants of lipstick away from the lipstick of a man. To my relief, I received many offers within an hour. I chose one of the applicants who I felt comfortable with. He offered to do the job for $2 per photo which I thought was reasonable. I had 35 photos. I set up a milestone and asked him to fix one of the photos which he did. I was happy with the result, so he fixed all of the photos.

Lipstick removed (above). Thank goodness!

I feel so much better now that our pictures are not tainted with red lipstick.

How to avoid lipstick on the groom If I could turn back time, I would definitely use a true long-lasting lipstick with zero transfer. I would also test the transfer, on the back of my hand, before using it for the wedding day. One that I have come across, now, that has zero transfer is the 'Maybelline Super Stay 24h Color' lipstick. It literally keeps staying and staying and staying.

Hope this helps!


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