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DIY Budget-Friendly Bombineres That Guests Will Want to Take Home. Upcycled Succulents: A Non-Chees

Bombineres can seem like just another added cost but if you just let your wedding guide you naturally, you are likely to find something that can also double as wedding decor. Choose something that you can also use as table decorations. And mason jars, who can resist one!

For our wedding, we needed table decorations. We love upcycling and the bride's family has a garden with an array of succulents. During a road trip, one day, we happened across a trendy cafe along the coast of NSW not too far above Sydney and saw that they had succulents planted in upcycled, what looked like, pasta sauce jars. A light bulb moment occurred. So we asked friends and family to start collecting jars and tins so that we could start using them in the next few months. And boy did they deliver. Our nearest and dearests collected 50 for us! The great thing about succulent plants as bombineres is that you can make them well in advance. They just need a spritz of water, from one of those plastic garden spray bottles that you get at the dollar store, every couple of days.

We removed the labels from the glass jars by boiling them in hot water and then removed the residue with eucalyptus oil. Washing them in the dishwasher also works. You can just pull the labels off the tin cans. We also had some tea tins that we thought would look good planted.

DIY Succulents in up cycled jars and a tea tin as wedding favours

DIY Succulents in upcycled tin can as bombineres

To create the rustic look, we tied twine around the jars and tins. We then filled them with potting soil until almost the top. We used a stick to poke some room to insert the succulent cutting. Inserted the succulent cutting and voila! Just give them a very light mist of water.

We used these upcycled creations, that only cost us the cost of the soil (2 bags at $6 each and twine at $2) for table decorations. We also made some hanging jars with wire and hessian string to use to line the aisle, by hanging them from the aisle chairs.

And this is how they were positioned on the tables on the day. We had a guest note at every seating to thank them for joining us for this joyous occasion and also to let them know that the plant was a wedding favour. Months later, we are still seeing these (alive) on kitchen and bathroom window sills at friends' places, bathing in sun rays.


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