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How to save up to 75% on a wedding

You've starting planning for your wedding and realised that the costs pile up so quickly? We hear you! Every little tweak, even for a modest wedding means another $500 to $1000 (at least!). A few tweaks later, you are starting to pull your hair out, trying to remember that you are trying to plan possibly the most memorable day of your life. And yes it should be stress free and just flow, but often it does not feel like that.

So what to do then? The biggest tip that will help you save up to 75% is to “don't tell 'em that it is for a wedding”. By “them”, we mean suppliers. The caterer, the cake supplier, the venue... zip it! Tell them that it's for another occasion (suggestion below) that is believable, one where you would rock up in a white gown, because as soon as you mention the W word all suppliers see are dollar signs in their eyes. The price that you pay is likely to be three times more than their normal price.

Saving 75% on your wedding, we'd cheers to that too

But then what to tell suppliers?

To the venue, say it's: - an engagement - a vowel renewal - family picnic/lunch/dinner... our personal fav!

These situations are particularly useful if you would have already signed the papers at a town hall or similar. Destination brides and grooms are often in this situation. Some countries require you to sign papers at an official governmental office for you to be officially married e.g. Germany. So if the venue starts to get suspicious you can use the following explanation, word-for-word: “When we started organising this, and booking the venue, our intention was just to have a picnic to celebrate our signing of our marriage papers that we have already done in Germany (for example). With family pressure though, they have expressed their wishes for at least a casual ring exchange. So there is no celebrant or anything, we are hosting our own ring exchange and then celebrating with food afterwards.” - This by the way has been tried and tested by a Hues of Vintage team member and worked perfectly. Although, she was actually telling the truth (wink!).

To suppliers of other items such as the flowers or cake, say it's: - your mum and dad's 40th wedding anniversary - grandma's 70th birthday - your birthday

- family reunion

Example savings that we've seen with and without using the word “wedding” for the exact same two tier wedding cake: Occasion: Family lunch 170€

Occasion: Wedding 400€

That's a saving of 58%!! With the savings, you can either spend it on something else or pocket it. Both are worth a cheers.

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