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No celebrant, officiant or MC for your wedding ceremony? Here’s how it can be done!

Most couples that have a wedding ceremony at a garden or another alternative venue have already tied the knot, so to speak, by signing papers at a town hall. Pietra and Juan had already signed their papers. The wedding ceremony was more to celebrate with their friends and family and have something more romantic and personable than a town hall signing. So their thought was why have a celebrant then? Between them, they had been to more than 30 weddings, so they wanted something a little more engaging and fun. So they decided to host their own ceremony!

Guests were told in the wedding invitation that it was going to be a ring exchange. Here is wording that they used:

Pietra and Juan

Invite you to join them as they exchange their wedding rings and start a wonderful life together.

Sunday 29th January 2017 Ring exchange to commence at 11.30am

On the day, here is how the ceremony went.

- The groom waited at the end of the aisle, where the microphone was, - The flower girl walked down the aisle whilst sprinkling flowers, - The ring bearer walked down the aisle and gave the rings to the groom, - The bride walk down the aisle, - The bride and groom thanked all guests for joining to witness their ring exchange - The bride went first and put the ring on the groom’s finger (only half-way), and then said her vows, beginning with, with this ring I promise to... She kept it heart felt but light and funny. The ring was then put on the whole way, - The groom put the ring on the bride’s finger (only half-way), and then said his vows, beginning with, with this ring I promise to... He also kept it light and entertaining. The ring was then put on the whole way, - Two speeches then followed from the couple’s closest friends,

- The bride and groom then walked back down the aisle whilst friends and family blew bubbles.

It definitely felt ceremony like and the guests loved it. The bride and groom are from different ends of the world, so they are hosting another celebration for the groom’s friends and family. It worked so well that they are going to host their own ring exchange again for their second celebration.



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