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How to decorate your own wedding cake with fresh flowers and ensure that it is edible and food safe

The biggest difference to the bottom line of how much you will spend on your wedding comes from the the following words 'don't tell 'em that it is for a wedding'. Make something up that is believable like your parents 40th anniversary. So when you are ordering the cake, don't mention the word 'wedding' at all, ever, zip it.

For one of our team member's weddings, the bride thought, no problem - I can make the cake. Thank goodness that friends and family talked her out of it. On the day, as a bride, you have a million pressing tasks and icing a cake just should be taken off your shoulders.

So order a cake from a local bakery and ask that it is to be without decorations. Remember your little white lie, stick to it, or you will be paying double or triple! A plain white cake is perfect. Or something a little more interesting works well too. Your cake will look absolutely wonderful when you have jazzed it up with fresh flowers. The flowers our bride used were from a local supermarket. We'll show you how to make them food safe. She bought the whole lot for 12 Euros. Any left overs were used for table decorations.

All you need for this project is: - fresh flowers (from the supermarket is perfect!) - floral tape - scissors - bubble tea straws (check Amazon)

Now watch this youtube video. Don't judge the look of the cake itself, focus on how they make the boutonnières for the decorations:

The night before, prepare all of the boutonnières that you will stick in your cake tomorrow morning. Our bride used rose leaves, that came on the roses that were bought, as foilage for the boutonnières. You can put these boutonnières in a bowl with some water and leave them on the kitchen counter overnight. Our bride left some flowers without foilage to be used in the center of the arrangements. In that case, she just cut the stems. Cut all the bubble tea straws (approximately 5mm longer than the flower stems) so that are they are prepared for tomorrow too.

In the morning, stick the boutonnières in the pre-cut bubble tea straws and stick them into cake where you would like. You can't really go wrong with fresh flowers as they incredibly forgiving and will look beautiful anywhere you put them.

Here is the finished product at our bride's wedding.

The layered fondant iced cake:

We don't normally like fondant, but because it can be kept outside of the fridge overnight - before you decorate it the next morning, it works perfectly when you have a compact fridge. The Japanese raspberry mousse un-iced cake:

This cake was kept in the fridge overnight, before it was decorated the next morning.

They were a hit for the professional photographer and the novice smartphone photographers at the wedding. The guests were definitely wow-ed!


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