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0.4 Carat Blue Nile Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Unboxing and Review 2020

With the prices on Blue Nile being absolutely incredible and me wanting to know if ordering a Blue Nile diamond engagement ring on their website is actually legitimate, I purchased one to see for myself.

Here is what a preview of what the ring looks like on my hand:

Living in central Europe, in Munich, Germany, it is a trend here to wear tastefully sized diamond engagement rings. Even a 0.4 carat ring is large for over here. People don’t like being flashy in Europe and prefer to show their style in their individual way, for example, with how their outfit and accessories come together. This engagement ring with a GIA certified diamond only cost 961.52 Euros. So at the time of writing this article, this is just over US$1000. Absolutely amazing value for such a ring. So I went for the plunge and ordered the ring. I wanted to do so for my own engagement ring, back when we were getting engaged. My then fiance, now husband, proposed with a stand in ring because he knows that I have very particular taste and would want to choose the ring myself.

When we were getting engaged, I was working with a 2000 Euro budget for the ring. I always knew about Blue Nile but I was scared of ordering such an important and expensive item online. So I skipped online, which was a big mistake, even though I love my now ring, we could have gotten something similar for much less. Blue Nile is really a clever platform because you can really custom your ring by first choosing a setting and then choosing a diamond that suits you, your fiance-to-be and your budget perfectly. The options are wide and you can choose an excellent quality diamond.

I placed the order online on Tuesday February 25. The Setting:

The setting that I chose is made for a solitaire ring. I ordered it in a UK size L and a half. This is approximately a US size 6. The setting is made from 14 K solid white gold. The setting itself, without the diamond costs 233 Euros which, at the time of writing this article, is the equivalent to USD$252.

If you are not sure what style of engagement ring that your fiance-to-be likes, definitely go with a solitaire. It is a classic, elegant, timeless style. The Diamond: After choosing the setting that you like, you can then choose your preferred diamond. Here is where it can get a little confusing. You will see a whole bunch of blue sliders at the top of the page.

You firstly choose the “shape. A round diamond ring will always look the largest and is classic and elegant, so always go for round if you are not sure what style of engagement ring your fiance-to-be likes. In the “price” area, you then put in a maximum price. What is your overall budget, just remove the cost of the setting and you can enter your budget for the diamond in the “max price” box. In the “carat” area, put in the minimum carat weight. This really depends on your budget and what your fiance-to-be likes. Does she like the modest, elegant look, or the opposite? I would suggest a minimum carat weigh of 0.4 if this fits into your budget. In the “cut”area, move the slider so that it is on ideal or excellent. Ideal if you are in the US and excellent if you are in Europe or the UK. Different countries will call this same quality cut either excellent or ideal. The quality of the cut is what will make the diamond shine and glitter. The better the quality of the cut, the bigger the diamond will look as it will cast a bigger shine.

In the “color” area, move the slider so that it is only selecting colors G, F, E and D. Anything below a G will be too yellow.

In the “clarity” area, SI1 and higher is perfect if you have an excellent or ideal cut diamond. The clarity only really matters if the diamond is poorly cut. So just move the slider so that it is not selecting SI2 anymore. Now, when you scroll down to the table, where you can select each individual diamond, the table will now be more customized to your choices and now will make more sense. You will see the price of each individual item, the characteristics of each diamond, along with the dispatch date. When you click on a diamond that appeals to you, you will be taken to a page where you can see a 360 degree preview of the diamond. You can now add it to the ring or, on the same page, you can select another diamond that maybe more suitable for you. A green arrow, pointing upwards represents an upgrade. A red arrow, pointing downwards represents a downgrade.

Once you are happy with the diamond, add it to the ring and then you will be able to select a ring size. You can easily order an inexpensive plastic ring sizer on Amazon. It comes with different sized ring shaped loops so that you can choose the right size. Grab one of your fiance-to-be’s rings and just hold it up to the ring sizer. Choose the size that is closest to the ring. As you may not be sure what finger that she wears this ring on, definitely go for a ring that is resizeable. Most rings are resizeable, aside from eternity rings, where the row of diamonds continues all around the ring or there is a pattern, or a twist in the ring that goes all the way around the ring.

You then just add it to your basket and complete the order, just like any other online order. Order Dispatched: On Thursday February 27, I received an email from Blue Nile letting me know that the order had been dispatched.

Orders from Europe are dispatched from Ireland. UPS delivered the ring directly to me at home on Saturday February 29. Really, it was such a seamless process.

Opening the Parcel:

It is something about the experience of receiving a diamond engagement ring directly to your home that is so exhilarating. My excitement was at an all time high.

The ring comes packed in a UPS satchel. It does not say that it is from Blue Nile anywhere, for security reasons, in case you are not home when it is delivered and it goes to a depot.

When you take the box out of the satchel, there is first a kraft shipping box to protect the Blue Nile packaging.

A nice deep blue sturdy Blue Nile Box is then revealed.

Once you remove this from the shipping box and open the Blue Nile Box, the jewelry box is revealed.

You will then find a receipt for your purchase that lists the characteristics of the ring and the price that you paid.

Over the page, you will find an appraisal for the ring. This ring that I paid 961.52 Euros for is appraised at 1,400 Euros which I totally believe. If you want to a retail store to purchase an engagement ring with the same characteristics, it would cost at least 1,400.

Then comes the actual GIA report, which comes in a nice pouch. The GIA report is very officious and has a GIA report number. It provides the shape, measurements, carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, cut grade and additional grading information. It even gives you the exact proportions in a diagram. It then shows you the grading scales which GIA utilizes for its grading.

GIA offers the highest reputation, proven consistency and history in grading diamonds. They are the most trusted diamond certifier in the industry. And now to the actual ring itself. The diamond is brilliant and it really shines. It does not feel small or cheap at all. It is a very elegant ring.

Here is the ring from different angles.

The only thing that I would recommend is going for a setting that is more petite so that it makes the diamond stand out even more. Here are some examples: Example one:

Example two:

The diamond is absolutely perfect. I would definitely go for no less than ideal if you are in the US or an excellent if you are in Europe or the UK, G color, SI1 clarity. The same quality of cut is just called different things in different regions. Here is the ring on my hand. Again, I am a UK ring size L ½ which is the equivalent to a US ring size 6.

And here it is held up against a 0.5 carat diamond. The diamond above, set in yellow gold, is a 0.5 carat diamond. The diamond below is a 0.4 carat diamond from Blue Nile, set in white gold. As you can see, due to high quality of cut of the Blue Nile diamond, it does not loo smaller than the 0.5 carat diamond. I do not know the characteristics of the 0.5 carat diamond because it did not come certified. I just chose this one by eye.

If you like the twist style of engagement ring. Here is one that is very close to the pictured ring:

So, would I recommend Blue Nile to a friend? ABSOLUTELY, without hesitation.

I hope you have found this post helpful in your search for an engagement ring.

Polly xx

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